Sub-level Caving

Industry leading optimisation tools for
sub-level caving mining operations

Powerful Industrial Mathematics

Optimise and model your complex sub-level caving operations using industry leading mathematics.

Life of mine planning

Development planning & scheduling

Production planning & scheduling

Equipment dispatch & scheduling

Improve recovery rates

Reduce congestion

Model gravity flow of broken rock


Match material handling systems

Gain the competitive advantage and increase profits today.

Simple yet powerful

User friendly tools to visualise and automatically generate solutions for complex planning, development and production related problems.


ORB Modules

ORB is able to generate plans across four modules that cover all time horizons in your stoping operations. Modules can be licensed individually or in combination to provide a holistic planning system.


  • Plan Resolution
  • Deployment Time


Autonomously dispatch equipment to maximise strategic objectives.

  • Seconds
  • 3+ Months


Plan each shift down to the individual equipment level to defend against tactical plans.

  • Hourly
  • 2+ Months


Manage development, construction, and production to defend strategic plans.

  • Shiftly / Weekly
  • 2+ Months


Plan strategically to maximise Net Present Value of the ore body.

  • Monthly / Yearly
  • 8+ Weeks

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